When I first came to KB I was drawn in by the warmth of the people there.

I was also moved by the words of the services, e.g., "My light is in me. My hope is in me. My strength is in me, and, in you."

At times I am so touched by the words and the warmth, I have tears in my eyes.

Growing up in KB I always associated Judaism with a warm, supportive community.

I connected with my classmates in Sunday School and have stayed close with my classmates through the youth group since leaving for college.

I carry this solid foundation of Judaism with me and know I will always be welcomed back.

KB has been a very special warm and embracing home for me and my whole family.

It's place where what's most meaningful to me about Judaism, our history, traditions, culture, and passion for social justice, has been celebrated.

For me, KB continues to be a home and an adopted family of warm loving friends.

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