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Kahal B’raira offers:

2018-2019 Membership Dues and Sunday School Tuition

35 & Under Introductory$255 Individual and $355 for a couple - See below

*Note: You must be a member to enroll a child in the Kahal B’raira Sunday school or youth group.

Registration for 2018 - 2019 (Registration link will be available shortly)

Introductory 35 & Under Membership  Anyone 35 years of age or less qualifies.  If two people live in the same household and are both under 35, they qualify for the couple rate. When you reach 36 years of age or after five years of this introductory membership, whichever comes first, we ask that you convert to standard membership rates.  If you want to enroll children in KB children’s programs (Sunday school, Teen Club, Youth Group or working as an aide in our school) you must pay full membership fees.

Installment Plans and Reduced Dues and Tuition  When registering, you may choose to pay fees in quarterly or monthly installments.  We welcome all who wish to be members.  When needed, ask, in complete confidence, for reduced membership dues/tuition. To do so, please contact our treasurer, Cathy Cabrera, at