Humanistic Jewish liturgy includes meaningful secular expressions of Jewish culture and humanistic values.  Our services do not include prayer or worship. Our liturgy draws from the Humanistic Jewish tradition as well as Torah, Talmud, medieval scholarship, humanistic philosophy, contemporary Jewish and secular literature, and the reflections of our members.

Our liturgy expresses our commitment to:

  • Celebrate Jewish culture and holidays
  • Realize the strength we derive from gathering together
  • Exercise our control over our own destinies
  • Face reality with candor and courage
  • Express our convictions honestly in all languages
  • Promote human dignity
  • Sing

Our liturgy evolves as we grow and learn as a congregation. We strive to “say what we mean and mean what we say."  Below find excerpts from our services.  

Many services include member reflections on meaningful life passages.

Members can access all of our services.