8th - 9th Grade Program

Students at Land's Sake Farm Service Activity

Kahal B'raira's program for 8th - 9th graders recognizes that students at this level should have influence over the program in which they will participate.  Each year, before the school year begins, we meet with parents and students to consider a variety of program options.  We take into account the interests and abilities of the students and the values and priorities of the families involved.

Here are some of the program themes from the last few years.  

Service learning program partnering with Telem – a Jewish service learning program, and Land’s Sake farm, in Weston.  Students spent more than half of KB Sunday mornings at Land’s Sake farm and the rest learning about Jewish environmentalism, and becoming knowledgeable environmental activists.  

Intern program - Students do service projects at KB, learn along with adults from guest speakers, and develop their skills as aides in the school and to the congregation.  Upon completion of the program they are eligible to be employed as aides.

Field trips, additional service learning programs, and other activities are options for this program.